Over one hundred years of knowledge and technical experience,
combined with innovation and creativity.

We wish to preserve the traditional production of Senshu towels, and we want to create the best. To do that, we must utilize fully our historical knowledge and technical expertise, and be unafraid of new ideas in technology and design. We are always reviewing materials, function, and design in the pursuit of better products.

Superior absorbency, luxurious softness and the feeling of fresh,
new ‘clean’ – thanks to the atozarashi process.

A characteristic of the Senshu towel is atozarashi – a post-weave refining process. Towels are traditionally woven with starched fibres, as this increases durability, but the starch can repel water and thus affects absorbency. By washing and bleaching after weaving, the starch, oils, and other impurities in the fibre can be removed, allowing better absorbency while preserving its fluffy texture.